A. R. Wilson (Carolina’s District)—1942 NC & SC

Dewey W. Lambert—1950-1951 NC

Robert D. Holleman—1952-1953 NC

Carlie S. Sessoms (East)—1963-1964 NC

Walter G. Cooper  (East)—1967-1968 NC

Curtis J. Crutchfield, Jr. (East)—1973-1974 NC

Tommy Gentry (East)—1988-1989 NC

Joe G. Parker  (East)—2005-2006 NC​

Marlene Jewell  (East)—2013-2014 NC

Mike Williams (East)---2016-2017 NC

A. R. Wilson—1942

Carlie B. Sessoms—1966
Walter G. Cooper—1968
Dewey W. Lambert—1951
Robert D. Holleman—1953

Baxter R. Ridenhour—1972
Curtis J. Crutchfield, Jr.—1973
Louis Carver—1975

Tommy Gentry—1989
Joe G. Parker—2006
Marlene Jewell—2007

Marlene Jewell—2014

Mike Williams—2015

Carlie B. Sessoms
Civitan of the Decade Award
District East Honor Key
Past District Governors

O. C. Mitchell, Jr.—1994

Curtis Crutchfield, Jr.—1978

Tommy Gentry—1985

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Curtis J. Crutchfield, Jr.—1981

Tommy Gentry—1990

Joe G. Parker—2008

Marlene Jewell—2015

Dr. Luther Medlin
Citizen of the Year Award

District Officers and Honors

Builders of Good Citizenship

Durham Civitan Club